Junckers Twin Herringbone 14mm Beech Harmony

71.75 sq m
€59.99 sq yd

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Total Price 95.42

Product details

Junckers Twin Herringbone is inspired by the pattern known from the traditional Herringbone flooring – now with a twist and an exclusive look that meets any budget.

With Twin Herringbone you can save money and time, because the floor doesn’t have to be sanded, filled and surface treated after installation. This procedure also minimizes the inconvenience of wood dust in the room during installation. Because the floor is delivered surface treated from factory, it will make for a significantly shorter installation time compared to traditional Single Stave Parquet.

Twin Herringbone is installed by gluing it straight onto the floor, which is why you will experience a very comfortable step sound.

Each floor board consists of two rows of staves. One row with a full length stave and one row with two half-length staves.

lenghtLength: 516.6mm
lenghtWidth: 129mm
lenghtHeight: 14mm
lenghtProduct Coverage:1.330 sq m