Mountain High 7 Woodstock Oak

17.93 14.34 sq m
€14.99 €11.99 sq yd

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Actual Area (sq m) 2.48 Actual Area (sq. yd.) 2.48


Total Price 35.56

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Mountain High 7 Woodstock Oak is a lovely Oak Effect Laminate Board, it has a slight textured surface which gives the look and feel of a solid wood floor.  The soft oak tones of this board bring a chic and traditional feeling to any area of your home. It’s tough AC3 Rating makes it suitable for Heavy Domestic, and Light to medium Commercial Traffic Installations.

AC4 Rating,

Heavy Domestic / Light to Medium Commercial Installations

Easy to Install Click System

Floated Installation

lenghtLength: 1292mm
lenghtWidth: 192mm
lenghtHeight: 7mm
lenghtProduct Coverage:2.480 sq m

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