Shannon Oak Premium Herringbone Grey

66.96 56.92 sq m
€55.99 €47.59 sq yd

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Shannon Oak Premium Herringbone Grey, is a smart modern, grey oak engineered herringbone wood flooring. This super floor is a lovely light grey and has a brushed, matt lacquered finish. This premium herringbone is 14mm thick with a 3mm real solid wood top layer.  It’s made with ABC Grade Timber and the multiply base, means you have a very stable product.

This product must be purchased with an equal number of boxes as it comes with Boxes of Lefts and Rights that fit together.

Floating or Glue Down Installation.

Suitable for Underfloor Heating.

lenghtLength: 450mm
lenghtWidth: 90mm
lenghtHeight: 14mm
lenghtProduct Coverage:1.620 sq m

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