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What is the best Wood Flooring Underlay for Underfloor Heating?

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As the use of Underfloor Heating is becoming more and more widespread throughout Irish Households, we at Tullamore Floor Store are frequently asked what is the best wood flooring underlay for Underfloor Heating?

There are two products that we use regularly and that we are always recommending to our customers.  

Number One is the Cork Underlay, this is a 2mm thick Underlay, and it comes in a 20 sq. metre roll.  

It is a natural product, and allows for the transfer of heat as it has a low tog rating of approximately 0.44 TOG.  It also helps sound reduction and has a decibel rating of 17dB.

It has good compressive strength which means it performs well in areas of high traffic.  

It is great value as a 20 sq. metre Roll Retails (23.92 sq. yards) from our Online Store at just €65 per roll inclusive of VAT.  That is a super price for a Premium Product. To Buy Your Cork Underlay Click Here>>

Number 2 is Thermalay Wood Flooring Underlay for Underfloor Heating. Thermalay has been specially designed to work with underfloor heating. It is 2mm thick and has special perforations to aid with the transference of heat, this gives it an Ultra Low TOG rating of 0.23, making it a super choice for underfloor heating installations.

It also helps with sound reduction along with impact resistance and shock insulation, which means it performs well in areas of heavy traffic over prolonged periods.  

It is quick and easy to install and is 100% recyclable.  Thermalay Wood Flooring Underlay costs €40 for a 10 sq. metre roll.  To Buy Your Thermalay Underlay today Just Click Here>>

For More information on the Wood Flooring Underlays we hold in Stock, just contact our showroom and we will be happy to assist you

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