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Floor Store Direct Wood Flooring, More Than Just a Pretty Floor!

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Here at Floor Store Direct we supply a huge range of wood flooring.  We supply everything from Laminate Wood Flooring, Engineered Wood Flooring, To Solid Wood Flooring in both Herringbone and Plank designs.

You may ask “What is the best wood flooring?  

Our answer to that is – “ This will depend on what your project is and what budget you have to spend.”

For example if you are looking for High Quality Wood Flooring and your Budget is not an issue.

Solid Wood Flooring in a Plank or Herringbone design would make a fantastic Feature in Your Home.

However if you are looking for High Quality Wood Flooring, that is extremely tough and durable at a Great Price.  

Then we would suggest that you opt for one of the Higher End Range Laminate Wood Flooring Products.  The AC4 and AC5 Laminates will give you all the beauty and appearance of a solid wood floor, with all the durability and ease of maintenance that a Laminate offers.

What about Engineered Solid Wood Flooring?

Engineered Solid Wood Flooring, again gives all the beauty of solid wood flooring, however because of the multiply base it is much less prone to the expansion and contraction that occurs with solid timber.  For this reason it is becoming a very popular choice with our customers especially where underfloor heating is in place.

If you would like to discuss your flooring needs just drop us an email or give us a buzz here>>>

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