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The Benefits of Woca Natural Soap for Your Wooden Floor.

Engineered Java 150mm

We supply a
lot of Solid and Engineered Wood Flooring here at Floor Store Direct.
  Once our Customer has their new floor fitted,
the next question we are asked is, “What is the best Product to clean the floor

The answer
is that there are a couple of top quality wooden floor cleaning products that
we recommend.  One of our favourites is, Woca
Natural Soap. 

The Woca
Natural Soap has been specially designed with your wooden floor in mind.  It has wood care properties that help to
close the pores of your oiled floor, to protect it against dirt or damage from
any liquid spillages.

If you have
recently installed a New Oiled Wooded Floor, then an application of Woca Oil Soap
will help to seal and protect your new floor and is a great way to start of
your general maintenance. 

Not only
does the Woca Natural Soap offer you top class cleaning in a gentle way.
  This product also helps to strengthen your
surface finish and will improve your wooden floors resistance to liquids.

How to Clean
Your Wooden Floor with Woca Natural Soap.

Sweep or vacuum up any dirt or debris

Gently wipe up any spills.

Using a Clean Mop and 2 buckets of Luke Warm Water; 1 Bucket
with the Woca Solution

Make up you Woca Natural Soap Solution about 60millitires to 3.75
litres of water.

Mop the floor with the soap solution, leaving it on the floor
briefly to dissolve any dirt.

Remove the dirty soapy water with your rinse water and a well
wrung mop.

Complete the cleaning by coating the floor with the Woca Soap
Solution and a well wrung mop. 

The Woca Natural
Soap Natural is recommended for Oak and darker coloured floors, while the The
Woca Natural Soap White is recommended for Light Oak and Light coloured wood

We have
included Woca’s own video showing the process of cleaning your floor.

If you have
any questions please don’t hesitate to
contact our showroom here>>

To purchase
Woca Natural Soap from our Online Store just click on the links below.  Happy Cleaning and Enjoy your Wooden Floor

Woca Natural Soap Natural 1ltr>>

Woca Natural Soap White 1ltr>>

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