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Wondering How you will Care for Your Oiled Floor? Here’s a Great Video on the Woca Maintenance Oil Kit!

Regency 4v Victorian Oak

So you just had your new oiled wood flooring installed and it looks absolutely fabulous!!  Now you are wondering how to keep it looking this good?

Well don’t worry, just check out this super little Video by Woca, which shows you exactly how to care for, and how to re oil your oiled wood flooring.  There’s no sound, but just follow along because it explains it perfectly.

NB*  Please remember to always to wear suitable clothing and protective gloves.

What you will need:

1 x Woca Maintenance Kit (This comes in Natural or White depending on the colour of your flooring)

2 x Buckets , one for wash water and one for rinse water.

1 x Pad for applying the oil

1 x lint free pads for polishing oil

Re Oiling Your Wood Flooring.

Step 1, Vacuum/Sweep the floor

Step 2, Dilute your Woca Wood Cleaner 125ml to 5 litres of luke warm water.  Wash your floor with the mixture. Leave the mixture on the flooring for a few minutes to dissolve any stubborn dirt, then rinse off with a clean well rung mop.  

Step 3.  Allow the Flooring to dry completely before oiling.  

Step 4. Once the flooring is dry, apply an even layer of Woca Oil, using the Spray applicator.  Working the oil into the floor, using a clean pad/ or buffing machine, until the oil looks evenly distributed.

Step 5. Wipe or Buff the surface dry with lint free cotton cloths.  Aim to avoid walking on the floor for 4-6 hours.

Step 6.  Normal Cleaning can begin using either the Woca Soap or Woca Oil Refresher after 24-48 hours.

Regular Cleaning Using Woca Soap

Step 1 Vacuum/Sweep the floor.

Step 2 Dilute your Woca Soap 125ml to 5 litres of luke warm water.  Wash your floor with the mixture.  Leave the soap mixture on the floor for few minutes to dissolve any stubborn dirt. 

Step 3 Rinse the dirty soap water off the floor using a a clean well rung mop. 

Step 4 Allow to Dry.

NB**Always remember soak any cloths used in the the application of the oil in water, and dispose of them in a sealed plastic bag.  

We have stock of the Woca Maintenance Kit, in either the Natural or the White. For more information or to order yours today, just contact our showroom.

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