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What Underlay Is Suitable For Underfloor Heating ?

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When picking out a new floor to use with underfloor heating, picking the floor is only half the job. In order for your heating system to work as intended you will need the correct underlay. Here we will explore the different types of underlay and explain what underlay is suitable for underfloor heating.

Can you use a foil back underlay with underfloor heating ?

A foil back underlay generally serves a purpose of providing insulation to your home. For this reason it usually has a higher tog rating so it won’t allow sufficient heat pass through it. Because of this we would not recommend any foil back underlay.

Can you use a white foam underlay with underfloor heating ?

The traditional white foam underlay, in theory can be used with underfloor heating but in reality it probably shouldn’t be. There is no foil or anything to restrict the heatflow but excessive heat can create an air pocket between your floor and underlay. This air pocket will cause excessive noise when you walk on it and you will always feel a certain amount of  ‘movement’ under your foot. Because of this we would suggest only using this if your budget dictates it.

Can you use a perforated foam underlay with underfloor heating ?

Yes, you can the perforated underlay. The perforation in the underlay allows the heat to pass through at a regulated level which should cut out the issue with air pockets. The only slight issue is, as it is still a foam underlay you will still have a certain feel of movement.

Can you use cork underlay with underfloor heating ?

A cork underlay is the best option with underfloor heating. As cork is porous, it doesn’t stop the heat from coming through. It is also excellent for sound reduction so you can be at ease using it upstairs. Because of its sound reduction properties it is also very good at killing sound on impact. You can use this without that movement under your feet.

Hopefully this should help you out with your choice when you’re trying to figure out what underlay is suitable for underfloor heating. For any other queries feel free to contact us.

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