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Are You Looking For Unusual Wood Flooring Ideas?

Regency Meadows 4v Rustic Olive

Hey there, well at last Spring has finally Sprung, and everyone is out there getting their homes looking ship shape and smart for the Summer ahead.  

So if you are in the process of doing up that spare bedroom or renovating the lounge and you are looking for some unusual wood flooring ideas, you have definitely come to the right place.

We have a new range of Unusual Wood Flooring on it’s way to Tullamore Floor Store and you sure are in for a Treat!  We love Wacky and Interesting Wood Flooring that not only looks great, but is tough and hard wearing for today’s busy life styles.

Here are just 3 samples of This New Incredible Range of Laminate Wood Flooring and we just know you are going to love them too.  

Feeling that Artistic Vibe?  Then Our Artworks 7mm AC4 Board is for you!  It’s Funky, lively, fun and above all its AC4 Rating makes it tough enough for those high traffic areas, such as living areas and the den.  Plus there are so many colours going through the floor, your creativity won’t be inhibited when choosing colours for your walls or furnishings!! 

Artworks 7mm 11ft x 12ft Room is just €225 including underlay!!

Perhaps Your are intending to Create that Shabby Chic Look?  If so Our Highway 8mm AC4 Floor has your name on it. This floor has water marks of Road Signs and Licence Plates throughout a rustic appearance.  In fact it will give you that feeling of an old converted loft that oozes character.  With comfortable modern furniture, this floor completely rocks the Shabby Chic look!

Highway 8mm 11ft x 12ft Room is just €298 including underlay!!

Maybe you are looking for something completely new and different, but in a traditional oak look?  No problem just take a peak at our Lava Oak 8mm AC4, this curvy board will give you all the the beauty of an Oak Board, with a curvy twist.  It will give you the look and feel of a beautiful custom oak floor, with all the toughness and ease of maintenance of Laminate Wood Flooring.  This floor will look superb in either a modern or more traditional setting.  

Lava Oak 8mm 11ft x 12ft Room €345 including underlay!!

Well don’t forget to let us know what you think of our New Range, and if you have any questions about your room size please do not hesitate to contact us>>

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