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Looking for a Laminate Floor Repair Kit? Check out our Trojan Repair Kit Soft Wax.

Junckers Twin Herringbone 22mm Beech Harmony

Well we are always
being asked for a Repair Kit for both Laminate Floors and Wooden Floors.
  So we have been on the look out for a repair
kit that was easy to use for a while now.
The Trojan Repair Kit Soft Wax offers the Answer.

Trojan Repair
Kit comes in two different shades; Grey Wood Shades and Light to Medium Wood Shades.  Each pack contains 4 pieces of wax of different shades and a small tool with which to level the surface of the damage
and to apply the wax in small amounts to the area.

  1. To start
    with you level the surface of the scratch, with the applicator tool.
  2. Then starting
    with the lightest shade that is close to the colour of your floor, cut a small
    amount of the wax into the damaged area
  3. Lastly level
    off the area, using the applicator. 
    Repeat process with a different shade as needed.  You may have to remove the initial wax
    application to do this. 
  4. All instructions
    also come in the pack and each pack sells at just €11.95 + Post and Packaging. 

This is super
little kit and offers you a way of fixing small scrapes and scratches that may
be ruining the overall appearance of your floor.

These Kits
are also useful for doors, floors, furniture and kitchen cabinets.  Suitable for interior use only.

You can buy
Trojan Repair Kit Online Here>>

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