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5 Top Trends in Wood Flooring 2018.

Solid Plus Herringbone AC6 12mm Mediterranean Oak

5 Top Trends in Wood Flooring 2018

We always like to stay current with top trends in wood flooring here at Floor Store Direct.  This way we can keep you the customer informed of what is in vogue, or what is coming soon that may be perfect for your home!

That being said here are our 5 Top Trends in Wood Flooring for 2018!   

    1.) Herringbone Flooring is Hot!

    Yes that’s right peeps, Herringbone Wood Flooring is hot!  So whether its Solid Wood Herringbone, Engineered Wood Herringbone or Laminate Wood Herringbone, are customers are going crazy for it!

    This is not at all surprising because Herringbone wood flooring is classical, timeless and elegant.  Whether your budget stretches to a Stunning Solid Wood Herringbone Merbau, or a Luxurious Laminate Wood Herringbone.  One thing is for sure, you won’t have to compromise on good looks.  

    All of the products that we have sourced are beautiful, with both traditional decors and some modern grey and white oiled boards.  Don;t worry though these pale colours are balanced by the rich dark Merbau and Acacia Decors giving you the customer a super range of choice and something that will every colour palate.

    2.)  Long Plank Look.  

    The popularity of the long plank look has been on the increase over the past couple of years.  This rise in popularity started with the solid wood and engineered wood flooring.  

    However the long plank look has become so sought after over the past 18 months that we now have several ranges of long plank wood flooring in both Engineered and Laminate. 

    In fact the Laminate Wood Flooring Options are so realistic, that people are opting for them as they are so easy to maintain and they are much cheaper than the engineered wood rivals!

    3) Light and Bright.

    Light and Bright wood tones are all the rage, from white wood floors, to light oaks, that pale look is all in.  

    The modern stainless steel kitchens and minimalistic interior decor, have driven this demand for pale and fresh flooring.  Hence the white washed oaks, white oiled oaks and light oaks, give a crisp modern look to your home.  

    4.) Fifty Shades of Grey, not just for the Bedroom;-)

    Grey has been another strong trend in wood flooring over the past 2 years.  Quite literally there are definitely more than 50 Shades of Grey when it comes to wood flooring.  

    Each grey wood floor offers you something a little different.  Some greys are subtle, and just give a hint of grey, so they don’t draw your focus from the room decor.  Others give you the smoked white oiled look that brings a warmer tone to your grey wood floor and such floors become a focal point of your interior design.  Still other Greys are more rustic and become the starting point of the rest of your colour scheme.  

    Whatever grey you decide on there is a huge choice, and some fantastic wooden floors from you to choose from.  If Grey is for you, get your groove on and pick your perfect shade of Grey Wood Flooring for your home.

    5.) Vintage Look.

    Wood Flooring that has a vintage appearance is also very popular over the past 2 years.  Dark smoked Oak.  Distressed, with a brushed and sawn cut appearance is also on the increase,  

    Occasionally we have found our customers looking for different plank widths within the floor, along with the distressed appearance, giving a truly individual looking floor.  

    Basically this look gives a wonderful shabby chic look.  As if the floor has been reclaimed and restored, keeping its rustic authentic charm. 

    The Vintage Look makes for quite a strong look, but brings real character to your home, especially with a new build.  

    If you would like to discuss the wood flooring that you had in mind for your project, why not pop into the showroom or drop us an email and we will be happy to assist you.  


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