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Does the Size Really Matter When It Comes to Thickness of Laminate Flooring.

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We are always
being asked if Size matters when it comes to Thickness of Laminate Flooring.  The answer is simply, No!  Size, as in thickness of the board, has no
bearing on how hard-wearing a Laminate Wood Flooring is.  The Abrasion Class Rating or the AC Rating,
is what determines how hard-wearing Your Laminate Wood Floor is.

Over the
past year, we at Floor Store Direct have seen customers gravitate more toward
12mm Laminate Wood Floors and above.  In
fact, one of our most popular Laminate Wood Floors is the Grand Selection
Origin Range which boasts a board size of 14mm thick!

Although our
12mm Laminates and our 14mm Laminates are top class products.  We stock equally hard-wearing products that
are only 8mm, 9mm or even 10mm thick.  These
products are still hard wearing and suitable for both Heavy domestic and Heavy
Commercial Areas, so what you need to look out for is the AC Rating. 

If you are fitting
out your home, you need to be looking for an AC rating of AC3 or above.  This Abrasion Class is suitable for both
Heavy Domestic and Light Commercial Settings. 
AC4 Rating is suitable for Heavy Domestic and Medium Commercial Settings.  AC5 Rating is suitable for both Heavy
Domestic and Heavy Commercial Settings.

If you want
to have a firmer feel underfoot, and you have chosen an 8mm laminate, a good
choice for underlay is the 2mm Dense Silver Foil that we stock.  This not only eliminates excessive sound, but
it will give your laminate floor a more solid feel underfoot.  While often the 8mm, 9mm and 10mm products are
also much more cost effective, leaving you with more money in your pocket.

We hope this
helps to dispel the myth that the thicker the laminate the better the laminate.  However, if you are unsure and would like
more information please
contact our showroom and we will be happy to assist


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