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Discover 5 Reasons Why our Sunset Oak Laminate Wood Flooring will Improve Sunsets in your Room!

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So if you are reading our blog post you are obviously thinking of an Oak Laminate Wood Flooring for your home.  If that is the case, Sunset Oak is beautiful warm, traditional oak colour flooring that will add value and warmth to any room of your choice.  So here are just 5 Reasons our Sunset Oak laminate wood flooring will improve Sunsets in your room;

  1. It has a beautiful warm tone, that will add a glow to your room.
  2. It’s single oak plank effect coulpled with it’s textured surface only adds to it’s authentic Oak appearance, making it look like a real solid wood floor.
  3. It has an AC4 Rating, meaning it is tough enough for Heavy Domestic Installations and Medium Commercial Installations, making it much tougher than a Solid Wood.
  4. It is easy to install with it’s click system, making it a smart choice for the DIY enthusiast.
  5. Easy to maintain, with just a sweep or a vacuum and a wipe of damp mop it will look like new again.

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