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French Pine Varnished 170mm

41.99 sq. yd.

French Pine Varnished 160 is a prefinished solid pine wood floor.  Maritime French Pine is a cost effective timber flooring  with golden to red tones.

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Total Price 68.30

French Pine Varnished 170 is a prefinished solid pine wood floor.  Maritime French Pine is a cost effective timber flooring  with golden to red tones. Because French Pine Varnished 170 is a soft wood, it is ideal for the lower traffic areas of your home.  Its lovely colour variation and rustic characteristics make it a popular choice. Its 21mm thickness will ensure your floor has a solid feel underfoot while the 170mm width gives you a beautiful wide board.

Why Should I Buy A Solid Floor ?

Solid Floors may be on the decline since the arrival of underfloor heating and the increase of engineered floors but there are still some things you can only get from real timber. As you would expect from the name, solid wood is real timber throughout the board with no plywood or any other backing. A solid floor is completely unrivalled when it comes to that warm feeling underfoot. And is still available in numerous timbers. Going forward, you can sand and re varnish your solid floor which will restore it to its original colour and because your floor is solid throughout you will have an unending amount of sandings in your floor. Solid floors should be either glued down or the more traditional nail down. When being fitted and don’t forget to allow your floor time to acclimatise in your home.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

The cleaning and maintenance of a solid floor is similar to all wood flooring. A sweep of a brush is all it should take to remove light dirt from your floor. For mopping, it is important you use a damp mop rather than a wet mop.  If your floor is too wet, over time it may cause issues from water penetrating the joints. Our Clean Green Cleaner is what we recommend for use on all our floors along with our Magi Floor Mop (both of which are available by clicking the relevant links).

Because it is a solid floor, you can sand and re varnish your floor in the future which will bring it back to brand new quality and look.

21mm solid pine.

160mm wide.

Installation method: glue down/ nail down.

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Dimensions2000 × 170 × 21 mm

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