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Dynamic Plus Port Oak Grey

17.99 sq. yd.

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Actual Area (sq. m.) 2.55 Actual Area (sq. yd.) 2.55


Total Price 45.85

Dynamic Plus Port Oak Grey is a very modern grey yet slightly rustic board. The Dynamic Range are floors with which you can express your entire individuality.  They can be used throughout your home or office.  They are extremely resilient and above all else offer a unique variety of patterns and colours. Dynamic Plus Range come in Eir and Satin Finishes.  EIR Stands for Embossed in Register laminate flooring and provides the most realistic look and feel, the texture of Dynamic Plus Port Oak Grey follows the grain pattern of the flooring providing you with a most realistic in appearance laminate floor.

Why should I Buy A Kronotex Floor ?

Established in 1993 with the aim of providing high quality laminate floors, Kronotex are one of the leading European manufacturers of laminate flooring. They  use eco-friendly production methods to make healthy laminate boards that meet the strictest environmental standards. Kronotex are part of the renowned Swiss Krono group. Swiss Krono have been one of the leading names in the flooring trade for many years. Throughout the Kronotex brand you will find floors to suit a variety of needs. With different colours, styles and patterns they have something for everyone. Because the Exquisite range is one of their entry level floors you will get the quality and durability associated with all Kronotex floors at the keenest of prices.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

The cleaning and maintenance of a Kronotex laminate floor is pretty much the same as with all wood flooring. A sweep of a brush is all it should take to remove light dirt from your floor. For mopping, it is important you use a damp mop rather than a wet mop.  If your floor is too wet, over time it may cause issues from water penetrating the joints. Clean Green Active cleaner is what we recommend for use on all our Kronotex floors along with our Dada Spin Mop (both of which are available by clicking the relevant links).

Easy to Maintain,

8mm Board

AC 4 Rating

Easy to Install

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Dimensions1380 × 193 × 8 mm

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