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September 2021 Laminate Specials

mammut plus highland oak titan

Our September 2021 Laminate Specials bring you a huge selection of some of our finest laminate floors at rock bottom prices.

Liberty Gloss:

lignum american walnut gloss

Our Liberty Gloss American Walnut gives you a traditional and realistic walnut look with the beautiful sheen giving you an authentic American feel. Because of its beautiful high gloss finish, it will warm up the darkest of nights. A 12mm thick board with an extremely durable AC4 wear rating means it can used in high traffic areas.


Liberty Narrow:

oak robust fumed smalloak robust natural

Our Liberty Narrow board offers you two great choices. Liberty Narrow American Oak is a rich smoked oak effect designed to provide depth and warmth to your room while Liberty Narrow Island Oak is a stunning natural tone which will match almost any decor. While both these boards come in a narrow width, quality was never compromised. As with the rest of our Liberty range, the boards are 12mm thick with an AC4 rating. Because of the narrow boards it is perfect for small rooms.


Liberty Plank:

oak robust fumedlignum oak robust natural jnrlignum laminate warren oaklignum desert oak

lignum volcanic oaklignum greige oak small

Our Liberty Plank is a standard size laminate board that is 12mm thick and has an AC4 rating. It is available in 6 colours which gives you multiple choices to find your floor. American Oak is a rich, deep smoked effect board for warmth. Island Oak is a natural tone as is Bedloe oak. The silver grain running through the natural colour of Ellis Sand makes it a popular choice while the grey colouring to Jersey Oak suits most modern interiors. For those of you who can’t decide between a grey and beige floor, Tower Oak sits right between the two.



mammut everest oak greymammut everest oak bronzemammut everest oak beigemammut everest oak naturemammut everest oakmammut everest oak white


Our Goliath range of flooring is truly magnificent. All boards come in a regular width but are over 1800mm long. This staggering length gives you a natural continuous look to your floor. Because of the new hydro seal coating all floors are water resistant while the embossed texture allows you to feel the grain in every board. Each floor is 12mm thick with a commercial AC5 rating. Click here to view all the colours in our Goliath range.


Goliath Plus:

mammut plus macro oak greymammut plus highland oak bronzemammut plus highland oak silvermammut plus macro oak light greymammut plus macro oak beigemammut plus macro oak naturemammut plus macro oak whitemammut plus highland oak titan

Our Goliath Plus range is very similar to our Goliath range with just a little extra. These floors don’t just have that extra length but also extra width. A monstrous 240mm wide board added to a strong 10mm thickness these floors give you all that extra. Click here to view our full Goliath Plus range.

To view our full September 2021 Laminate Specials Click here.

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