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Prepare to be In Awe of The New Renaissance XL Collection of Flooring.

Reflections High Gloss Rustic Walnut

The New Renaissance XL Collection of Flooring  from Whiteriver, gives you plenty to be Awe Struck About. 

This Range of Engineered Wood Flooring Boast Lengths of up to 4metres long and almost 50cm wide! All we can say is, Wow!!

However, it’s not just the sheer impressive size of the boards, that will get you excited, its the attention to detail that each individual board has.  These boards are manufactured by hand, which means that each board will be slightly different.  

This means that each floor will be unique in it’s own right.  Some of the decors are just left with the original surface, and then finished with a UV Hardened Oil/Wax, while others are Sanded or Distressed Sanded and again finished with the UV Hardened Oil/Wax.  

The customisation of each board, means that you are getting a truly exclusive floor, that oozes with the beauty of a completely natural product.  These Floors will offer you timeless elegance, no matter what’s in vogue. 


So if you are renovating a Large Space in a your home or loft, then the Renaissance XL Collection will give you a floor that not only looks spectacular, but will bring first class quality to your room as well.

For More information on The Renaissance XL Collection of Flooring just contact our showroom and we will be happy to assist you.

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