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Oiled Solid Herringbone

solid oak herringbone

Our Cottage Herringbone range is a stunning oiled solid herringbone floor exclusive to Floorstore Direct. It is finished with a beautiful dark or natural oils which means not just do you get a magnificent dark solid herringbone but it is also eco friendly. Because of its rustic grain and rich colouring it really is an ideal country style board. The fact it is a solid board means you can sand and refinish your floor as often as you wish. While it is a solid board the fact its only 16mm thick makes it ideal for anyone who wants a solid board but are restricted because of height. This floor comes as an unfinished board and to get this oiled solid herringbone look will require finishing it with an oil. Because of this our price includes not just the supply of the floor but also the supply of the correct oil.

Eco Friendly Flooring:

We are at a point where everything from what we carry our shopping in to what we use to eat with is being determined by whats good for the environment. Finally flooring seems to be moving in the right direction too. Because of this there is no floor available that is as eco friendly as our Cottage Herringbone range. The floor is a complete solid board which means that once it is fitted it will never have to be removed or disposed of. Not just that but also all of our recommended oils are natural plant based oils. Because of this you can buy a floor that not only looks but is also environmentally friendly and will last forever.

Benefits of an Oiled Floor:

Apart from the environmental advantages an oil floor is a floor that simply cannot be beaten from an aesthetic view. While lacquered floors will always leave that varnished sheen across the floor, an oiled board is designed to bring out all the natural grains of the floor. Because the floor is not lacquered it also means that with proper and regular maintenance you will never have a need to sand or touch your floor.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

Cleaning of an oiled board is highly important as you cannot use regular floor cleaners. Regular cleaners are designed to remove things from your floor while the correct cleaner for an oiled board will not just remove but replenish the oil as you clean. Our Woca Natural Soap is ideal for regular cleaning of an oiled floor.

Solid Herringbone.

16mm thick.

Suitable for Underfloor Heating.

Environmentally Friendly.

Unfinished Flooring.

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