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Looking For Supply And Fit of Bespoke Oak Herringbone Flooring Kildare.

Regency Meadows 4v Scraped Oak

If you are
looking for supply and fit of Bespoke Oak Herringbone Flooring Kildare, check
out one of our recent projects of Solid Oak Herringbone Flooring. 

beautiful Oak Herringbone Flooring was supplied and fitted by Floor Store
Direct.  This was a specialised job and
came with an inlaid custom maple and walnut border.  We also applied a stain to the floor before
we completed the job with a satin lacquer finish. 

As you can
see from the pictures the finished floor is a work of art, and oozes both
character and timeless elegance.  The
beauty of a Solid Oak Herringbone is that it is supplied unfinished, which gives
you the customer more artistic input into the final appearance of your floor.  Oak as a wood accepts stains well, so you can
quite literally have the floor of your dreams!

If you would
like more information on Solid Oak Herringbone Flooring or any of the Herringbone
floors that we have available, please do not hesitate to
contact our showroomand we will be happy to assist you.  

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