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Have You Tried The New Trojan Magi Floor Mop.

Etude22 Midnight Oak

Have you tried the New Trojan Magi Floor Mop.  This is a super mop for cleaning all your wooden or tiled floors.  It comes with a removable telescopic swivel handle, which makes it very easy to manage when cleaning those awkward areas of your room.  

The soft absorbent cloth cover is removable and can be easily washed and ready for the next use.  The New Trojan Magi Floor Mop is light and easy to use, which makes keeping your wooden floors in tip, top condition an easy job.  

Step 1.  

Sweep or vacuum your floor

Step 2.  

Spray your floor with your Clean Green Floor Cleaner

Step 3.

Wipe Clean with Your New Trojan Magi Floor Mop.

Step 4.

Remove the cloth head to clean for next time.  

Step 5.

Relax 🙂

You can buy your New Trojan Magi Floor Mop online here>>

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