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Why Luxury Vinyl Flooring is a Wise Choice For Your Home.

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When you think of vinyl flooring you tend to think of Cheap Lino, or the old vinyl tiles that your mum probably had in the kitchen.  I bet these images stir up pictures of an inferior and quite unattractive floor, that you don’t want any where near your modern home.  Am I right?  

However the modern Luxury Vinyl Flooring is quite simply the Rolls Royce of Flooring!  Not only will these floors last a lifetime, but with a quick and easy polish they look like new again!!  

One of our Favourite New Products in Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Gerflor Creation 70.  This range of flooring has so much to offer you.  There are a great selection of Authentic Looking Woods and Tiles, with some Modern decors thrown in.  Giving you the customer so much choice it will quite simply blow your mind.

Creation 70 is designed for the Heavy Traffic areas of Department Stores and Supermarkets, so it is Super Tough!  It also has a PUR+ polyurethane treatment which gives it excellent cleaning properties and improved resistance to scuffs, scratches and chemicals.  

Well what does all this mean for you?

Benefits of Gerflor Luxury Vinyl Flooring to You the Customer.

  • Stunning Decors to choose from in both Wood and Tile.
  • Super Tough and Durable,
  • Easy to Clean, Maintain and with no need to re finish the floor.
  • PUR+ Treatment, with improved resistance to scratches and scuffs.
  • Lifetime Residential Warranty.  
  • Quiet and warm underfoot, so perfect for apartments.
  • Suitable for bathrooms or kitchens.
  • No further sanding and revarnishing required.
  • Great Price Starting at just €35 per sq. metre!

For more information or to price your installation, contact our showroom and we will be happy to assist you.

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