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Are You Looking for a Junckers Sports Floor?

Titan 4v Elegant Grey Oak

If you are in the process of doing some research on what is the best flooring for your Gym, Sports Hall, or Dance Studio.  Then a Junckers Sports Floor should be at the top of your list.

Junckers are the premium in solid timbers and there Sports Floors generally come in 22mm 2 Strip Beech or Maple.  

These floors are designed to take the impact of a high level sporting environment.  Plus with the Juncker’s  Blu Bat System, they are much quicker and easier to install, and have better Ball Bounce and Shock Absorption Qualities.

The process is as follows; your subfloor must be level, then your 1000 gauge Sylvathene is put in place.  The Blu Bats then go on top of this with the Juckers Boards being Secret Nailed to the Blu Bats.  

There are different Heights available for the Blu Bats, so if you are interested in a Junckers Sports Floor, just contact our Showroom and we will be happy to assist you.  

To see the installation process of the Junckers Sports Floor Blu Bat System, just check out our YouTube Video of our most recent installation above.

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