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Junckers Solid Flooring

Junckers Oak 2 Strip Parquet Variation 22mm/129mm Silkmatt Lacquer

Junckers Solid Flooring are the premium name in 100% Solid Hardwood, they boast a unique furniture quality finish, that will compliment any area in your home. Their floors are manufactured from beginning to end in Denmark of the highest quality. Junckers floors have been fitted worldwide in areas that take the heaviest traffic available such as N.B.A. basketball courts, dance floors etc. Because of the numerous different gradings and finishes in each floor, you will always get a floor that suits.

Species of Solid Timber available from Junckers:

To give you more choices in selecting the ideal floor, not just do Junckers Solid Flooring offer a wide range of species but also offer up to three different grades for their floors: Classic, Harmony, Variation.

Junckers Grading System:


Classic grade has a uniform look with some colour and structural graining variation between the individual planks. Lighter tones of colour along the grain pattern and in the sapwood only to a limited extent. Few small knots and natural fine splits occur compared to Harmony and Variation grades.


Harmony grade has a natural look with more colour and structural graining variation between the individual planks. Lighter tones of colour are seen along the grain pattern and in the sapwood. Medium sized knots and natural fine splits occur to some degree compared to Classic and Variation grades. Knots and other irregularities are factory filled with a one colour filler


This grade has a rustic look with substantial colour and structural graining variation between the individual planks. Extensive areas with lighter tones of colour are seen along the grain pattern and in the sapwood. Several small and large knots and natural fine splits occur.  Knots and other irregularities are to the greatest extent possible compared to Classic and Harmony grades factory filled with a one colour filler.

Junckers Solid Flooring also give you two different options in plank style. You can choose the traditional standard plank while also having a two strip option available. 

Straight Plank:

A solid plank floor express a style and class that look absolutely enchanting in every room, Whether it is the hotel lobby, office space or living room. A wooden plank floor is an investment that increases the value of your room. It is quality wooden floors, that are built to last a lifetime. We guarantee your Interior Designer can make your project look good and pleasing both aesthetically and functionally. A Junckers wood plank floor comes in different widths 129mm, 140mm and the luxurious 185mm.

Two Strip Plank:

The 2 strip Board Hardwood Flooring is designed as a series of individually chosen wooden strips, laid in a staggered pattern. Combining this pattern with all the unique strips gives a flooring full of personality and vibrancy.

If you would like a Junckers floor but want something other than the traditional plank, there are also a number of different herringbone styles available.

Twin Herringbone:

Twin Herringbone is inspired by the pattern known from the traditional Herringbone flooring. Now with a twist and an exclusive look that meets any budget.

The advantages of Twin Herringbone are cost saving work procedure because the floor doesn’t have to be sanded, filled and surface treated after installation – the floor is delivered surface treated from factory. This procedure also minimize the inconvenience of wood dust in the room during installation. With Twin Herringbone you will achieve a significant shorter installation time compared to traditional Single Stave Parquet.

Twin Herringbone is installed by gluing why you will experience a very comfortable step sound.

Each floor board consists of two rows of staves. One row with a full length stave and one row with two half-length staves.

Junckers Twin Herringbone is made from 100 % solid wood. The floor is delivered surface treated from factory and is available in the exact same variety of surfaces as Junckers Wooden Flooring.

Whalebone Herringbone:

Junckers Whalebone Herringbone is a parquet floor with longer, wide board staves, pre-finished so the floor is ready to walk on as soon as it is installed. It is a contemporary take on the classic parquet floor with a perfect, factory applied finish in a choice of oil or lacquer.

Hexparquet Herringbone:

Whether we realize it or not, the shapes and patterns in nature have a great impact on architecture and interior design. Consciously or unconsciously, we let ourselves be inspired and the hexagon – pattern based on equilateral triangles – is just one of several basic geometric patterns emerged by forces of nature and basic mathematics. Just take a look at a beehive, snow crystals or the shape of certain flowers.

With Junckers HexParket we have recreated this parquet floor. Enjoy the aesthetics, the graphic look and the clean sharp lines expressed in this hardwood floor.

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