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What Do You Think of Our Juncker’s Black Oak 2 Strip?

Goliath Plus Shetland Oak White

When you hear the name Junckers, it may bring to your mind top quality solid wood flooring.  The fact is you would be correct, because the Junckers company have been producing top quality solid wood flooring for over 80 years.  

The Junckers company only use the top quality timber, and finishes in the manufacture of their product to ensure that you receive a floor that not only oozes beauty but that is tough and durable enough to stand up to the stresses of modern life and keep it’s good looks for years to come.

Juncker’s Black Oak 2 Strip comes in 2 grades Harmony and Variation.  The Junckers Black Oak is created by colour enhancing a white oak.  Some sections of the wood are left untouched by the colouring process, giving this beautiful range of light and dark tones throughout your floor.  

The Juncker’s Black Oak 2 Strip also comes in 2 different thicknesses, 14mm and 22mm in both the Harmony and Variation, which gives you the same Juncker’s Style and Quality at a Fantastic Price.

The Picture above is the Sunning Junckers Black Oak 2 Strip Harmony, which we recently installed in a Hotel in Birr.

For More Information on our Junckers Products please contact the showroom, or Browse our Online Store where we have selected products for sale>>

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