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Art Deco Antonio Oak
Art Deco Antonio Oak, is an Extra White matt varnished finished oak, to give a light modern feel to ..
Art Deco Clements Oak
Art Deco Clements Oak, is a rich warm natural wide plank oak.  The Art Deco Collection is premi..
Art Deco Delano Oak
Art Deco Delano Oak is a Smoked, White Oil/Waxed finish that gives a light, bright, but warm modern ..
Art Deco Kahn Oak
Art Deco Kahn Oak is a Smoked Extra White Oil/Waxed finish that gives extra brightness and warmth fo..
Canyon Oak Plank 125
Canyon Oak Plank 125 is a beautiful, natural looking oak floor with a varnished finish, giving warmt..
Canyon Oak Plank 150
Canyon Oak Plank 150, has a wider plank size at 150 and is a beautiful natural looking traditional o..
Forest Ardagh Oak
Forest Ardagh Oak is a smoked, matt white varnished finish that gives beautiful modern look to a tra..
Forest Avoca Oak
Forest Avoca Oak is a very natural and warm looking Oak floor with a varnished finish.  The wid..
Forest Beleek Oak
Forest Beleek Oak is a Handscraped, smoked, brushed, natural oiled and polished wood, bringing out t..
Forest Cashel Oak
Forest Cashel Oak is a smoked, brushed and varnished wood, giving a rich and rustic appearance to th..
Forest Erne Oak
Forest Erne Oak, is a hand scraped, smoked, brushed, white oiled and polished engineered wood plank...
Forest Glengarra Oak
Forest Glengarra Oak is a chic brushed varnished oak, the wide plank gives a spacious feeling to the..
Forest Mourne Oak
Forest Mourne Oak, is a beautiful unfinished oak.  This gives you the option to finish your flo..
Forest Tavern Oak
Forest Tavern Oak is a Rustic, Brushed and UV Oiled Engineered Oak Floor.  The Forest Collectio..
French Pine Unfinished
French Pine Unfinished 195mm With V Grove.  Maritime French Pine is a cost-effective unfinished..
French Pine Varnished 140mm
French Pine Varnished 140mm/21mm solid pine wood flooring.  Maritime French Pine is a cost effe..
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