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Kahrs Luxury Tiles at Floorstore Direct

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Kahrs Luxury Tiles at Floorstore Direct

Why choose Kahrs Luxury Tiles ?

Ceramic Coating : The surface of Kahrs luxury tile and wood affect is treated with a strong ceramic coating , which gives the floors superior resistance to wear and tear, scratching and water.

5G Click

All floors in the click format have the unique 5G locking technology, which guarantees a quick and easy insulation.

Rigid Core

The floors in the click format feature a rigid core, made from a composite of vinyl and stone dust. This gives the tiles superior strength and stability

Waterproof Material

All floors in the Kahrs Luxury tiles range are waterproof, so you can feel safe to install these floors in every room, including bathrooms – provided that you have a dry subfloor.

Underfloor Heating

All Kahrs tiles can be installed on top of an existing floor, making them ideal for installation with Under Floor Heating.


The ceramic coating, 5Gjoint system and rigid core give the floors a long trouble free life. The dry back collection gives outstanding durability with the thickest wear layer.

Eco Friendly Free From Phthalates

All Kahrs Luxury Tiles floors are phthalate-free. The floors are certified according to several standards, including Floorscore, M1 and French A+

Sound Reduction

Selected Kahrs Luxury Tiles have IXPE Sound – reducing backing, reducing sound up to 17db

Kahrs Virtual Floor Planner

This is the perfect tool to help choose your right floor Kahrs Room Virtual Floor Planner

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