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How to Fit Your Laminate Wood Flooring.

Exquisite Plus Wide 8mm Natural Oak

Well we have some great special offers on this Summer at Tullamore Floor Store, that being said you may feel you have no one to fit your laminate wood flooring for you?  However, with our new click laminates fitting your new laminate floor is a breeze even for the complete beginner.

Check out this super little Youtube video by Craig Philips, he shows you just how quick and easy it is to fit your own new laminate wood floor, and have your room looking picture perfect in next to no time at all. 

Step One; Choose Your Laminate

Step Two: Choose Your Underlay.

Step Three: Clear your room of furniture and any old flooring.  Remove Skirting if you can.  If not, don’t worry because you can use Scotia Beading to hide your Expansion Gap, also explained in the video.

Step Four; Lay and Tape your Underlay, as you will see in the video, Craig had these steps already completed.

Step Five; Working from one side of your room to the other as in the video, begin to fit you laminate floor.  Craig explains the importance of staggering the boards and also about leaving your 10mm expansion gap all the way around your floor. 

The expansion gap allows for the expansion or contraction of the wood with the various temperature changes within the room, and must be left to ensure your floor does not buckle up.

Step Six; Watch the Video as he gives a super explanation of the best way to fit and cut your boards to minimise the amount of wastage that you will use.

Plus if you need a Laminate Wood Floor Fitting Kit, Tullamore Floor Store has stock of the kits complete with the spacers and hammering block so that your can have your new Laminate Wood Floor fitted in the most professional way!

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