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How to Clean Your Natural Oiled Wood Floor.

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Are you wondering How to Clean Your Natural Oiled Wood Floor? If so our short little Youtube Video takes you through the process step by step.  We recommend using Woca Natural Soap for all your Regular Cleaning.  

  • You will need Vacuum or Sweeping Brush, Mop and Bucket and a bottle of Woca Natural Soap.
  • Shake the bottle of Woca Natural Soap well before use, and then dilute 125ml in to 5 litres of Luke Warm Water.
  • We suggest you use 2 buckets of warm water, one for the Woca Natural Soap and one with your Rinse Water.
  • Using the minimal amount of water mop your floor with the Woca Soap water and leave the soapy mixture on your floor for a few minutes to dissolve any dirt.  
  • Then with a clean well rung mop rinse your floor with the plain water.
  • Once all the soap and dirt are removed, using a well rung mop apply a layer of Woca Soap Water Mix to Finish.  This replaces a protective layer of soap on your floor
  • For Heavily soiled floors, you may need to use Woca Wood Cleaner a day before the Woca Soap Application.
  • It is also a good idea to treat your Natural Oiled Wood Floor with Woca Oil Refresher up to 4 times per year.  This process with clean and oil the floor in one application and will also make future cleaning easier.

For details on the Woca Floor Cleaning Products we hold in Stock, we recommend the Woca Maintenance Oil Care Box Natural, please check our Online Store Here>>

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our showroom here>>

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