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How to Clean Your Laminate Wood Flooring.

So you have your new Laminate Wood Flooring installed and it looks super!  Now you want to keep it looking super!!  Well to get started you will need the correct tools for the job, so follow our list below.

Sweeping Brush and Dust Pan or Vacuum Cleaner – make sure the brush is soft and if using the vacuum you must use the soft brush head only.  This is to ensure you don’t damage your floor.

A Micro Fibre Mop – This mop is specially designed to clean the floor while keeping moisture away from the boards.  

This is a must with any type of wood floor, as often while using a mop too much water is left on the surface of the wood which can lead to damage of your floor.  Therefore, Micro Fibre is the best for the job!

A Good Laminate Floor Cleaner in a spray bottle – The spray bottle is important, because by using a spray bottle you only put sufficient product on the floor to clean it.  

However if you use a mop it is very difficult to ring it out sufficiently.  If you must use a mop, it must be a well wrung out damp mop, and use it in conjunction with the spray cleaner.  

This will help to eliminate any excess water being left on the surface of your floor that would damage it.

How to Clean Your Laminate Wood Flooring,

Step 1- Remove dust and debris from your floor, using a sweeping brush and dust pan or a vacuum cleaner.

Step 2 – Grab your micro fibre mop and your laminate wood floor spray cleaner, and spray and wipe your floor.  

Step 3 – You will notice using the spray bottle method the floor will dry quite quickly.  Now enjoy your fabulous easy to maintain laminate wood flooring.  

Care Tips

Top Tip 1: Use a Micro Fibre Mop, with a Good Laminate Floor Cleaner.

Top Tip 2: For on going care use felt pads on your furniture and use entrance mats in areas of heavy traffic such as hallways etc.  

Top Tip 3: Don’t drag heavy furniture across any of your floors as it will most probably cause damage.

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