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How to Clean Your Laminate Floor.

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Here at Tullamore Floor Store and through our Website Floor Store Direct we are always being asked what is the best way to clean a laminate floor.  So we decided to make a short video for you.

This video How to Clean Your Laminate Floor, details the tools that you need and the Step to follow to have you New or Old Laminate Wood Floor looking Spic and Span, in no time at all

What You Will Need

  • Paper towel or soft dry cloth for spills
  • Soft damp cloth for stains
  • Vacuum with soft brush head
  • Tullamore Floor Store Spray Cleaner
  • Micro Fibre Wood Floor Mop

Step 1

Mop up any spills with your paper towel or you soft dry cloth

Step 2

Attend to any spills with you Laminate Floor Spray Cleaner and your damp cloth

Step 3

Vacuum the complete area using the soft brush head of your vacuum removing any dust and debris.

Step 4

Using you Laminate Floor Spray Cleaner, spray the area and wipe clean with your micro fibre mop.

If you need any more information you can contact us here>>

If you would like to buy our Tullamore Floor Store Laminate Floor Spray Cleaner, they are available to purchase in our shop for just €10 per bottle.

Happy Cleaning:-)

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