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How to Clean Your Amtico Flooring.

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Our Amtico Flooring Customers are always asking for advise on how to care for their Amtico Floors.  Although we always explain how to clean your Amtico Flooring, nothing beats watching someone go through the whole process.

That being said here is a very useful video we found on Youtube by Russdales Flooring Specialists in the UK, and it demonstrates how to strip and redress your Amtico Flooring.  

This process is usually done twice a year, in a residential home, because this means that your Amtico Flooring will not only be easier to maintain, but will look spectacular as well!

Step One; Vacuum or Sweet your Floor

Step Two; Apply the floor dressing remover. Follow the instructions on the bottle on how to prepare.  Once you have your mix ready apply to your floor liberally.  Then leave on the floor for approximately 10minutes but do not allow the mixture to dry.

Step 3; With a flat head mop as in Video work the mixture into the floor so that it removes all the dressing and dirt.

Step 4; Rinse with cold water and a clean mop.  Make sure to remove all the dirty mixture.  Then leave to dry, or as in the video to speed up the process you can towel dry.

Step 5; Re Vacuum the floor when dry, before applying the dressing.

Step 6; Pour the Amtico Dressing onto the floor, and using a clean damp mop, apply it to your floor, moving in one direction, and trying not to miss any areas.  NB- Don’t walk on the floor as it will leave smudges.  Leave to dry completely.

Step 7; Apply a second coat of dressing, pouring on to your floor and applying it with a damp mop, this time working in the opposite direction.  Once complete, leave to dry.  Your Amtico Flooring will be shining by now!

Step 8; Routine Care is simply done by vacuuming and cleaning with a mop and bucket using Amtico Floor Cleaner Maintainer.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our showroom here>> and we will be happy to assist you.

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