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How do I clean my Laminate floor ?

Dada Spin Mop Floor Cleaner

How do I clean my laminate floor ?



Maintaining your floor is the life of your floor ! In todays world our floors are getting even more wear and tear than ever before. The secret to keeping your floor in tip top condition is how we clean and maintain it . Floor polishes and finishes are important and all wood floor cleaning products. Clean and Green floor cleaner and the Dada spin mop are a great combination because they are Eco friendly and safe for you and I to use. Wondering how do I clean my laminate floor ?

At Floorstore Direct we recommend using Eco Friendly cleaners that are produced to leaving your floor clean and protected.


How to keep your wooden floor clean?

We would like to advise you the the less water you actually put on your floors the better ! We highly recommend the DaDa Spin mop  and our Clean and Green Intense cleaner

This month we are offering free delivery on the DaDa Spin Mop nationwide !


You can also use our Micro Fibre mop for light spill and spillages. Check out our YouTube video on helpful tips

Trojan Magi Floor Mop

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Damaged floor as a result of over washing and cleaning

This is what happens if you over wash your floors. We all love to have our floors squeaky clean but remember wood is a natural product so moisture will damage them.

Water damaged wood floor
Results of over washing a wood floor



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