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Herringbone Flooring in Galway

rockwood herringbone warm oak

Herringbone Flooring is the increasingly popular style of flooring which brings back an old, traditional style updated with modern styles and colours. At Floor Store Direct we have the largest selection of Herringbone Flooring in Galway. Whether you want a traditional woodblock, modern engineered or a more affordable laminate herringbone. Here we will try break down the different types of herringbone so you can be as informed as possible.

Solid Herringbone:

Solid Herringbone generally comes in an unfinished board which must be sanded and finished on site upon installation. Because it is a solid floor, you must leave the floor in situ to acclimatise. Available in a number of different plank sizes, you have the option to customise your floor to your style. Solid herringbone floors are mainly available in oak or the virtually indestructable merbau (pictured below). Installation method: glue down.

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solid merbau herringbone



Your solid woodblock is the most traditional of all herringbone floors. Originally commissioned by King Louis xiv for the palace of versailles. Because it gives you a block pattern, it does not come in small planks, instead coming in tile form. Solid woodblocks are fitted quite like a tile but come in both finished/unfinished options. Installation method: glue down. Below is an example of our Bastille Collection French Smoked Oak Woodblock.

palace versailles smoked oak

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Engineered Herringbone:

Engineered herringbone the biggest selling hardwood herringbone at the minute. It has all the benefits of a solid floor but with a new found stability. Because it is solid timber pressed on to a plywood base, it is a much more stable product. As it is so popular at the minute, engineered herringbone is available in a number of timbers and styles. From the natural look of an oak floor to the warmth and depth of acacia, you will find whatever you desire. Because an engineered floor sits on a plywood base, acclimatising the floor is not necessary. Installation method: glue down. Below is an image of our natural oak herringbone. Click here to view our full engineered herringbone collection.langley oak herringbone

Laminate Herringbone:

On a more affordable price point, you have our laminate herringbone range. As with all laminate floors, these are much cheaper than any hardwood options. Because a laminate floor is man made, the number of colours available is significantly more than other options. Whether it is an oak, grey or smoked option, you will find the perfect floor for you. Installation method: floating. Below is an image of our Walnut Herringbone.

authentic herringbone golden walnut

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