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Herringbone Flooring February Specials

lignum engineered acacia small

Our Herringbone Flooring February Specials is the beautiful Valley Herringbone range. A 14mm engineered herringbone floor so it is ideal even if you have height issues. Our Valley Herringbone range comes in a number of stunning timbers, each of which are included in this fantastic deal.

Check out the colours available below:




Corrib Premium Herringbone


Natural Oak:


Shannon Oak Premium Herringbone Natural


Grey Oak:


Shannon Oak Premium Herringbone Grey


Smoked & Limed:


lignum herringbone smoked and limed



Double Smoked:


lignum herringbone double smoked

What is Herringbone Flooring ?

Herringbone Flooring is one of the oldest styles of flooring patterns available which dates back to the time of King Louis ix in France. Herringbone floors are generally narrow, short boards fitted in an angular pattern. The past few years have seen a major upsurge in the popularity of Herringbone and because of this, it is now produced in pretty much every type of hardwood.

What is an Engineered Floor ?

An engineered floor has taken all the benefits of both the old solid and semi solid floors and perfectly blended them into one. What you look at and walk on is solid timber so you get that feel and look you can only associate with real wood. The real wood is then pressed onto a plywood base which gives your floor the stability that is missing from a real wood floor. Because of this process your floor will not move as much as with solid timber. All engineered flooring is suitable for underfloor heating.

What is a Smoked Oak Floor ?

A smoked oak floor is a treatment done to the natural oak timber during the manufacturing process to alter the colour of the wood. Smoking a floor involves putting the timber in an enclosed environment and adding ammonia to the atmosphere. The effect of the ammonia in the air is that the colour of the wood will change. Effectively what happens is the presence of ammonia in the air causes the tannins in the wood to be brought to the surface. The closer the tannins are to the surface, the darker the wood will appear. Because of this, the longer the ammonia is in the air the more smoked your floor will appear.

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