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Grey Laminate Floorstore Direct

Grey Laminate Floor

Grey Laminate Floors


Floorstore Direct have the largest selection of Grey Laminate floors to Choose from. Our ever expanding range is sure to have something for everyone whether it be Thin, Thick, Long , Wide , Grain or Plain we have it covered !

Grey Laminate Floorstore Direct
Grey Laminate -Floorstore Direct

How to Clean your Laminate Floors


The cleaning and maintenance of your Grey Laminate Floor is pretty much the same as with all wood flooring. A sweep of a brush is all it should take to remove light dirt from your floor. For mopping, it is important you use a damp mop rather than a wet mop.  If your floor is too wet, over time it may cause issues from water penetrating the joints. Clean Green Active cleaner is what we recommend for use on all our laminate floors along with our Magi Floor Mop (both of which are available by clicking the relevant links).

Benefits Of A Laminate Floor:


While a Grey laminate floor does not contain real wood what it does give you is durability and quality. While real timber will scratch and mark easily with wear you will laminate flooring is robust. The level of strength your Grey  laminate floor will have depends on factors like the AC rating and click system to the board. The AC rating is what determines the level of friction your floor can take, because of this different floors will be suited to different areas of your home. An AC3 rated floor is suitable for medium domestic use such as bedrooms or rented properties, an AC4 rated floor is suited for heavy domestic use so any area of the home. An AC5 rated floor is ideal for medium commercial properties such as shop units while a floor with an AC6 rating carries a full commercial warranty.

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