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Floor Store Direct are 100% Irish owned !

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Did you know Floor Store Direct are 100% Irish Owned !

By Buying from us you will be supporting an Irish Company and also creating Irish Jobs.

Buy Irish and Support Irish jobs and Industry by shopping local on www.floorstoredirect.ie

Now more that ever it is so important for us Irish to support each other . We have been very lucky to have the support throughout this pandemic and we are very thankful for our success story behind our award winning e-commerce website supported by The local Enterprise Office 

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Our e-commerce website has allowed us to be one of the leading Wood flooring suppliers in Ireland

Up untill recent years it was unheard of to buy flooring online . We had the dream of accomplishing this which leads to the  success we are today ! We celebrate the fact we are Floor Store Direct are 100% Irish owned !

Why would you buy from an Irish website online ?

Floor Store Direct are 100% Irish owned

Again you are supporting Irish Jobs and Businesses

Avoid Problems from buying outside the country such as ;


Additional costs such as vat , import duty and Transport

Delay on delivery

The worry of receiving the goods and knowing if the company are legit

What if you have a problem or faulty products how can you return them ?

More than two-thirds of the more than €5 billion Irish consumers spend online each year disappears overseas. If we are buying more and more overseas then we are losing the local Irish support

Local spending can increase the money that circulates in the local economy. If it is spent on locally-sourced goods and services and wages, they are also spent locally. But when the spending is online and outside the country, then all of the money is just vacuumed up and leaves the our Irish shores.

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Floor Store Direct 100% Irish Owned. Irish Flooring Success Story supplying Herringbone flooring ,Hardwood flooring , Laminate to Dublin and across Ireland

These are all the reasons we need to support Irish Business . What are your thoughts on this ?

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