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Have You Heard of Etude22 Laminate Wood Flooring Collection?

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Have you heard about the Gorgeous New Etude22 Laminate Wood
Flooring Collection?  This is a new
collection of Designer Laminate Flooring, that quite honestly has something to
suit every customer. 

There are 3 stunning Moroccan Style Tile Decors, each
boasting beautiful colours, from the cool grey tones of the Etude22 BelleEpoque Winter tile; to the bright blues and greens of the Etude22 Belle EpoqueSummer Tile; to the warmer Russet and Gold tones of the Etude22 Belle EpoqueAutumn Tile.  The Moroccan Décors in this
range give you all the beauty of a traditional tile, with all the ease of
installation and maintenance of a Laminate. 

The Etude22 Collection doesn’t stop there, it also gives you
a Modern Concrete Look, in Etude22 Concrete
There are 2 fabulous Herringbone Parquet Decors with the Etude22 MorfeoWalnut and the Etude22 Venetian Oak. 
Both these floors give you all the beauty of a custom parquet floor,
with all the ease of installation of a standard Laminate. 

The Etude22 Collection keeps on giving, by also including 6
more stunning wood decors, that come with such attention to detail in the grain
and finish, that you the customer have 6 more gorgeous, authentic looking modern
woods to choose from.

The Etude22 Collection is 10mm Thick with an AC5 Rating,
making it suitable for both Heavy Domestic and Heavy Commercial
Installations.  You can now buy your new
floor from our New Etude22 Laminate Wood Flooring Collection from our OnlineStore Here.

Alternatively, if you would like more information you can
contact us at our showroom>>

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