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5 Benefits of Engineered Solid Wood Flooring

Lakelands 4v Dutch Oak

Engineered Solid Wood Flooring has become a very popular choice with many of our customers.   This Flooring is a multi layered wood, with layers of ply wood bonded together to give it extra stablility with a solid hardwood top layer.  So we thought we would put together a list of the benefits of this fantastic product to help you with your decision when choosing a floor for your home or commercial installation

  1. As you can see from the picture of the Parquet Engineered Floor above it looks just as good as solid hardwood flooring and that is because of it real wood top layer.
  2. It is cost effective, with many of the engineered solid wood flooring decors being much cheaper than Solid Hard Wood alternatives.
  3. Its multi layered construction makes it a much more stable product in areas of high moisture content or temperature fluctuations such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  4. Because of its Solid Wood Top Layer, this floor can be sanded and refinished when it is looking a bit tired and worn out, this will have your floor looking like new once more.
  5. It is easy to maintain, with just a soft brush vacuum and a wipe of a damp mob, it will look fab!!

Well we hope this helps you a little with your choice, and don’t forget to check out some of our gorgeous Engineered Solid Woods Here>>

Well that’s all for now, wishing you a Happy Festive Season,

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