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Engineered Hardwood Floors are a fantastic solution to giving you all the benefits of a traditional Hardwood Floor without the drawbacks.  The main reason for this is the greater ability to handle moisture. Engineered hardwood can be used in a variety of situations that would likely not be a good candidate for hardwood floors. Since the floors are bonded in a cross-grain configuration and can handle humidity better, the floors can be used in a basement environment where the moisture is usually much higher. The engineered floors can also be used over a radiant heat system, which would not normally be the case with solid hardwood floors. The radiant heat system would typically dry out a solid hardwood floors causing the boards to shrink and create gaps in the floor. Radiant heat systems do not pose as big of a problem for the engineered hardwood.

Another benefit of engineered hardwood floors is the ability to be laid directly on top of concrete. The flooring can be glued onto the concrete, or stapled to a wooden base layer.

Available in both a standard plank design as well as the stylish Herringbone option we can guarantee you any style you desire in a magnificently constructed floor which will provide you with many years of hassle free living

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