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Check out our New AC5 Laminate Wood Flooring!!

Etude22 Twilight Oak

Well we love the High Spec Laminate Wood Flooring Ranges here at Floor Store Direct.  We have always found the the tougher the laminate wood floor, the more it stands the test of time.  

Our New AC5 Laminate Wood Flooring Range from Egger is no exception.  This tough 11mm  high quality board, will not only stand the test of time in the those heavy traffic areas of your home, but it is suitable for heavy commercial traffic as well.  So if you have a boutique or a salon, this collection will work very well there also.  

There are 5 stunning decors to choose from, ranging from a traditional oak, to the modern grey oaks and white oaks, giving you the customer plenty of choice. 

The embossed in register finish, adds to the authentic look and feel of the floor.  Plus with the board being a chunky 11mm, this means that  you get a much firmer feel underfoot.

The range comes with the easy to install click system, making it much more user friendly for the DIY Enthusiast.  If you are still not convinced, this New Range is just one of our Christmas Cracker Ranges that is on Special Offer, just because it’s Christmas;-)

To View The Classic 11mm Range Click Here>>  For More Information contact our showroom here>>

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