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The conscience of the world has changed. It is no longer about just buying any product without giving care or thought towards the environment. In 2002 Ireland became the first country to introduce a plastic bag levy. The world started to take notice of the damage non recyclable products were doing to the environment. Since then the world has progressively changed. People have started taking more notice of what they use, activists have been encouraging people to “think green”. Because of greater education and knowledge of environmental issues, people are starting to insist on buying green where possible.

It has been almost twenty years since the introduction of the plastic bag levy but now even the flooring trade has started to “think green”. Both our Amber Skye and Karndean Korlok ranges have introduced 100% eco friendly floors. Made from 100% recyclable materials. These floors are also completely recyclable should you replace them. Both ranges are also fitted using a click system so there is no use of adhesives or harmful toxins.

Both ranges are water proof, made from vinyl and offer life time warranties so there will never be a need to change. We are living in a time when good for the environment is just as important as good for your pocket. Both our Amber Skye and Karndean Korlok ranges offer you the chance to help the planet plus save money.

Click here to view our Amber Skye range and here to view our Karndean Korlok range.

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