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Colour Scheme Ideas For Your Home 2017

Extensive 4v Milano Oak

Well its a New Year and even though flooring is our business it’s important for us to have an idea of what colour trends are on the up, so that we can help our customers with their choice of floor.

Traditional with a Twist.

The Ocean seems to be a constant vein though out home design, and various shades of blues and greys seem to be on the increase.  

These can be strong and definite, with strong blues on the walls as in the first picture or more subtle by incorporating the blues and greys into the furnishings and staying relatively neutral on the walls as  in the second picture here. 

If you are going quite dark on your walls you can soften this look by using one of our grey laminate wood boards, or perhaps one of our beautiful white washed engineered boards.

The Rich and Dark Traditional Look. 

Again we have seen a lot of customers opting for very dark walnut, cherry and merbau on their floors.  

In fact one of our best sellers in our Traditional Herringbone Design in Merbau.  This is very luxurious look and when its is accompanied by the light wood panelling it is a stunning feature in any home, as you can see from the pictures of Herring bone here.  This look will bring a traditional chic twist to a modern home.

The Modern Rustic Look

The modern trend also favours the rustic looking floor.  With this look you can go either way, all out rustic, country house style, with traditional furniture and furnishings.  


The rustic floor can also look incredible in more modern settings.   In the second picture they have remained neutral with the colour palate on the walls, this coupled with an open plan interior  and modern furnishings gives a sense of a glamorous, light and fresh living space.  

Either way you end up with a stunning room, fit for all the aspects of modern living!

Well thats all for today, see you soon.

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