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7 Tips for Cleaning Your Laminate Wood Flooring.

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Well you have just had you laminate wood floor fitted, and it is looking fabulous!  

Now we know you want to keep it in tip top condition, so here are 7 tips for Daily Care and CleaningYour Laminate Wood Flooring.

  1. Sweep or vacuum to remove any dust and debris.  We recommend using a very soft bristle brush or if you are vacuuming make sure to have the brush nozzle  on so that you don’t scuff your floor while you work.
  2. Attend to any spills or sticky stains with a little of your diluted cleaner on a clean soft cloth and just wipe the spill clear. 
  3. We recommend either using a wood spray cleaner already diluted and ready for use on your floor, and just spray and wipe clean with a damp mop. 
  4. If you are diluting the cleaner yourself, make sure to ring your mop out well and just clean floor with a damp mop.
  5. Remember no flooring is scratch proof, so its a good idea to fit felt pads to the bottom of the legs of chairs and tables to avoid any unnecessary marking of your floor. 
  6. Also it’s not advisable to drag heavy furniture across your floor, as this could potentially mark it. 
  7. Using mats at the entrance and exit of high traffic areas is also recommended as it will prolong the life of your floor. 

Well we hope that helps you keep your floor in tip top condition.

If you require more information don’t forget you can drop us an email. or gives us a quick call on 0579360282.

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