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Best Flooring For My Kitchen

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What is the best  flooring for my Kitchen ?

When choosing the best wood floor for your kitchen it is important to consider many factors such as ;

  • Footfall on your kitchen floor
  • Size of your area
  • Amount of light in your kitchen
  • Wet areas – Water Resistant
  • Amount of upkeep needed for your kitchen floor
  • Finish – Wood effect/ Tile effect

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What is Footfall ?

Footfall is important to consider when choosing the best Kitchen Flooring as it relates to the amount of people walking on the floor and the amount of wear and tare it will get on a daily basis. You may need to consider if you need to install an entrance mat well if traffic is coming straight in from the outdoors can drag in water and debris

Work out the size of your area

How do I measure my Kicthen floor ? You multiply the length x width to give you the total area

Example 5 meters x 8 meters = 40 sq meters.

If you are measuring in Feet

Example 10ft x 12ft divide by 9 = 13.33 sq yards

Will sunlight damage my Kitchen floor ?

When considering your floor make sure to ask a floor store Direct sales person for advice as direct sun/heat from your window may affect your floor and will need a appropriate underlay to help with heat transfer

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 Is their a water prof floor for my kitchen ?

We are all aware the kitchen is the main artery of our homes and is a high activity area so we have to allow for trills and spills ! Ensure to ask the sales person to show you the Water resistant ranges and water proof options

How to Clean my Kitchen Floor


The main way to maintain and clean your Kitchen floor is best to clean as you go ! Ensure all spills and debris are removed from your floor and dried up fully. Vacuum on a daily basis this removes small stones and particles that may mark you new floor . Always use a damp mop not a wet mop as you wood flooring may observe moisture causing it to warp or buckle . We highly recommend the DADA Spin mop as it spins out all excess water check out our blog !

Check out one of our videos on tips to clean your flooring

More Advice on cleaning Karndean Kitchen floors

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