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5 Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring.

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Engineered Wood Flooring is certainly a Wonderful Flooring Product.  However, perhaps you are undecided as to whether it is the right choice for you?  If so, here are just 5 benefits that engineered wood flooring offers to help you make the decision whether it’s the right choice for your project

1. Real Wood Solid Top Layer.  Yes that’s right if you are a fan of the look and feel of real wood, Engineered Wood Flooring has a real solid wood top layer.  This product gives you all the beauty and benefits of a solid wood floor, so you don’t have to compromise on your new floors good looks.

2.  The plywood Base Layer.  The Plywood Base layer, means that your new floor will be much more stable than a Solid Wood Floor and less prone to expansion and contraction of a solid wood floor.  This makes it a better choice for areas where solid wood would not be an option, such as when underfloor heating is in place.

3.  Longer and Wider Plank Choices.  Because of its construction engineered wood flooring gives you a very stable wide plank and long plank option at a very cost effective price.  The Result is more choice for you in the size of your flooring, giving your new floor a more unique appearance. 

4. Can be Sanded and Refinished; Engineered Wood Flooring, can be sanded and refinished more than once.  This means when your floor gets a bit tired and worn looking you can have it sanded and varnished and back to showroom condition at a fraction of the cost of buying a new floor.  This means your engineered floor, just like a solid wood floor, will give your years and years of service.

5. Choice of Colours and Styles;  Engineered wood flooring comes with such a wide variety of choice of both colours and styles.  Which means that you can get that modern Grey Herringbone Engineered Wood Flooring that you have been dreaming about that gives your home that ultra chic bespoke look.  Whatever you dream floor is, there is sure to be engineered wood flooring that will fulfil your needs.

To find out more information about the benefits of Engineered wood flooring, contact our showroom here.  Alternatively to browse our Extensive Range of Engineered Wood Flooring Click Here>>

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