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Go on Treat Yourself to Beautiful Herringbone Flooring.

Herringbone Flooring has been around for a long time.  Once, this beautiful design flooring was only associated with large stately homes or churches.  However, the past few years have seen Herringbone Flooring becoming more popular and now it’s being fitted in various settings from Luxury Apartments to to Modern Family Home. 

So whether your budget will stretch to Bespoke Solid Herringbone Flooring, Pre-Finished Engineered Herringbone Flooring, or Laminate Herringbone Flooring, you will still get Beautiful Herringbone Flooring and you won’t have to compromise on style. 

If you have a Strong Budget, the Best Product on the Market is Bespoke Herringbone Flooring.  From the richness of a Stunning Merbau Herringbone Flooring, to the Versatility of an Oak that can be stained and finished to suit your individual colour pallet.  These floors will not only add beauty to your home, but will add value to your property as well.  

Check out the pictures of the Bespoke Merbau Herringbone Flooring and also the Stained Oak Herringbone Flooring that we installed.  I am sure you will agree that each oozes timeless beauty and elegance.

Don’t worry if your budget is nearer to the Engineered Herringbone, as we have some stunning pre-finished herringbone floors that will compliment any area.  From pale beauty of the Darwin Oak Herringbone, to the Deep Red Richness of the Acacia Herringbone, you won’t be disappointed.  


Engineered Herringbone offers those of you with underfloor heating the possibility of having a herringbone floor.  Engineered wood is a more stable product that solid wood and therefore is recommended as your first choice if underfloor heating has been installed in your home.  

Perhaps Engineered Herringbone is still a little out of reach for your budget?  Don’t despair,  because our New Range of Laminate Herringbone Flooring will delight you.  It offers a you a huge range of colours, at about half the price of the Engineered Herringbone, giving you all the glamour at a more affordable price.

Plus Laminate Herringbone is also suitable for those of you with Underfloor Heating.  There is also special underlay that can be used with it, to allow you to get all the benefit from your heating system.

So Whether you are looking for Traditional Oak or a Modern Grey, we have Laminate Herringbones to suit your decor.  To check out our range of Laminate Wood Flooring Click Here>>

For more information on any of the Herringbone Floors Listed above, please do not hesitate to contact our showroom.

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