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Beautiful Herringbone Flooring! Which Type Suits You?

Timeless 4v Rugged Texture

It’s a growing
trend now, Beautiful Herringbone Flooring Dublin, Cork, Galway and
Limerick.  That’s right no matter what
city or part of the country you are in Beautiful Herringbone Flooring is in

So why is
Herringbone Flooring so popular at the moment? 
Well Herringbone Flooring was always part of the timeless elegance in
the Stately Homes and Palaces throughout the World.  However, it lost its appeal for a time, from
the 70’s’ through the 90’s as modern alternatives seem to be the order of the

Today however, Beautiful Herringbone Flooring is making a come back, with more variety
in it’s size and colour than ever before. 

So with all
the choice out there, Which Beautiful Herringbone Flooring Type Best Suits You
and Your Home?  Here we outline what’s on
the market and what is best suited to each customer;

Solid Wood Herringbone

Well there’s
no doubt about it Solid Wood Herringbone Flooring is the cream of the
crop.  This floor comes unfinished and is
fitted and finished to your room’s individual specifications, leaving you with
a Bespoke Herringbone Floor. 

Let’s say
you want a Rich Dark Oak Herringbone Look! No Problem, you can have your floor, fitted,
sanded, stained and finished to suit the look you want!  The result is a work of art, as in the picture
above of dark stained, oak solid wood herringbone floor, that we supplied, fitted
and finished.  A piece of timeless
elegance that will add not only beauty but value to your home. 

Pros of Solid
Wood Herringbone

1 – Custom Floor,
completely finished as your specs.

2 – Each
floor is individual work of art.

3 – Will add
beauty and value to your home

4 – Easy to

5 – Can be
sanded and refinished many times, to look like new!

Cons of
Solid Wood Herringbone

1 – It is
Expensive therefore will not suit every budget.

2 – Solid Wood
Herringbone Flooring does not work with underfloor heating.

3 – Is a
natural product, so it can be marked.


Engineered Wood Herringbone

Wood Herringbone is a fantastic compromise, as it gives you all the beauty of
Solid Wood Herringbone, but with less of the labour-intensive finishing
process.  There are still a huge variety
of colour choices and finishes to choose from as you can see from the grey toned oak pictured above.  However, the product in most
cases is pre-finished giving you less artistic input to the finished floor.  On the plus side, like solid wood, Engineered herringbone
can also be sanded and refinished.

Pros of
Engineered Wood Herringbone

1 – Good Variety
of Choice of Decors

2 – Can be
sanded and refinished

3 – Easy to

4 – Is Compatible
with underfloor heating.


Cons Engineered
Wood Herringbone

1 – Floor Comes
Pre-finished, giving you less artistic input.

2 – Can be
as costly as Solid Wood Herringbone, so will not fit every budget.

3 – Has a
solid wood top layer so can be marked. 



Laminate Wood Herringbone.

Over the past
couple of years, Laminate Wood Herringbone as in the oak version pictured above has become increasingly popular.  This has allowed customers of all budgets to achieve
that Beautiful Herringbone Flooring Designer look for their home.  There is a good choice of decors available in
Laminate Wood Herringbone at present, and on the plus side it’s hard wearing and
easy to keep. 

Pros Laminate
Wood Herringbone

1 – Very Hard

2 – Easy to

3 – Compatible
with Underfloor Heating.

4 – Priced to
suit all budgets


Laminate Wood Flooring

1 – Limited Choice
as there is only a certain number of decors available.

2 – Can’t be
sanded and refinished. 

3 – If marked,
can’t be repaired in the same way as Solid Wood Herringbone or Engineered Wood
Herringbone can.


Well we hope
our information helps you with your decision of which type of Beautiful
Herringbone Flooring you go with.  Regardless of which type,  we have some fabulous floors for you to choose from, so if you have any questions,
please j
ust contact our showroom and we will be happy to assist you.  

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